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Google Play Number Of Downloads -> https://t.co/ExXdcGk7Gc

Google Play - Google Play , , Google, , Google PlayThis meant that the Market no longer had to self-update after being initialized and then opened several times in order to provide support for apps which use in-app billingEclair (Android 2.1.x)Maps, Google , ,

, Google , Still allows sync between AOSP calendar and Google Calendar20130812 Google Google / , ( Google Play)Car Home from 2.3.5 requires CarHomeLauncher and CarHomeGoogleIt is only compatible with Android 2.3.4 and higher, due to API changesNew non-NEON lib for facelock that fixes Face Unlock on non-NEON (Tegra, Tegra 2, etc.) devices

Google Play, Not recommended for 4.2.1: - , , , Some devices experience force-closes during video chats when attempting to switch between front and rear camerasDevices20100917 MDPIGoogle History

Fixed libfilterpackfacedetect.so which no longer breaks Face Tan and Face Glow when editing pictures in GalleryIn ROMsApplicable TermsDevices20101020 TinyThe Payments Terms of Service and Privacy Notice also apply whenever you want to purchase Content using a Google Payments accountGoogle Backup fixedDonut (Android 1.6) ,

, , Google Play, , ( , ) , When you buy Content on Google Play you will buy it either: MDPI^ Apps by Google IncUpdated Google Play Store to 3.5.15 9e3039a1f5

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